Blackberry Vanilla Soap

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Blended with Linganore Winecellar’s delightful Blackberry wine, this natural olive oil soap is a winner for your skin. Loaded with red wine antioxidants & polyphenols to fight free radicals. Even better when you indulge yourself with a fruity sip or two while soaking. Get wet with Savage®.

[ made with real wine ] fruity and fresh

Savage Soaps® are made in the highest gourmet standard. Slight imperfections are characteristic of the craft. Ingredients: All vegetable olive, rice bran and coconut oils. Linganore Winecellars Blackberry wine; Blackberry Vanilla fragrance. Color free. Gluten free. Palm oil free. Vegan. Clarifying! 

Cruelty free. No animal products or testing. No petroleum products. Not recommended for infants. Store in a cool dry place for longevity. Net Wt. 6.5 oz.