Raging Bitch Soap

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Everyone needs to let off some steam with a good Raging Bitch now and then... and this soap made with Belgian-Style IPA is just the right antedote. Mild and gentle for the hardest to please. It will be hard for anyone to bitch about this gourmet soap blend because it’s as good as it gets! Get wet with Savage® 

[ earthy and slightly tropical floral ] beneficial B vitamins and antiseptic properties

Savage Soaps® are made in the highest gourmet standard. Slight imperfections are characteristic of the craft. Ingredients: All vegetable olive, rice bran and coconut oils; Flying Dog® Raging Bitch IPA, Birds of Paradise. Naturally Superior & Color free. Vegan. Palm Oil Free.

Cruelty free. No animal products or testing. No petroleum products. Not recommended for infants. Store in cool dry area for longevity. Net Wt. 6.5 oz.