Power Shield Oil - 8 oz.

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Power Shield™ Oil  - Helps naturally with essential oils to protect 

Our clients worldwide have discovered that this soap not only has helped with restoring clear skin and reducing wrinkles, but also helps against environments ‘BUGGED’ with Flying Creatures lurking about possibly carrying a target for you! The only multi-spectrum soap of it’s kind!  The fresh lemony blend consists of powerful natural food grade essential oils. These essential oils have natural properties that are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, insecticidal, parasiticidal, fungicidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and restorative. The formula is so powerfully beneficial that some clients reported it even soothed existing bites, abrasions, eczema, psorasis, poison ivy, acne, rashes, red itchy bumps and more! Plus, gets you super clean in the process.

[ Lemony fresh. Color free. Palm Oil free. Vegan. OUR CLIENTS SAY THIS STUFF WORKS!!! ] TOP SELLER!

Power Shield Natural Soap Shower or bathe with Power Shield™ soap. Step outside of the shower spray and create a heavy lather on a wash cloth and apply all over the body. You can even wash your hair with it. Lightly rinse, leaving a protective shield on your skin.  Pat dry.

“I just bought this soap because I saw it on Steve Harvey's Funderdome and I live in the Delta in Arkansas where mosquitoes are terrible. The rice fields are right behind my house and the mosquitoes are everywhere. My husband works in the rice fields and he used to get eaten up but he tried the soap and didn't get any bites. I used it before I went out to work in the garden and I got zero bites. I love your product !”     - Brenda Branscum Key, Arkansas

“I tried this on my face and the results were amazing. It radically minimized my pores and wrinkles. I just bought 10 bars of Power Shield soap and will not be without it! It’s THAT good!!”     - Lisa Lewis, MD

" I'm 17 years old and my face was really broken out from acne. I was using Proactive but I decided to try Power Shield. It totally cleared up my face. I stopped using Proactive and now only use Power Shield. It's cheaper and works better."    - Grant M, MD

Power Shield products may be used individually - however better results have occured when used together. The combination of these efforts will create a shield on your body and in your environment that will protect you and your loved ones!

“I tried the Power Shield Body Oil and I think it’s fabulous. I used to get eaten up all the time and after I liberally applied this I didn’t get bit at all. I also like the scent of it. I will definitely buy more!” -Carol I, Hagerstown, MD

“My friend and I went walking. I used the Power Shield Body Oil. Gnats were everywhere - but not one bug bothered me. I feel more safe wearing this formula and now my friends want some!”     - Camille T., Frederick, MD.

“After I mowed my lawn I noticed I had some kind of bite on my leg. I applied a little bit of the Power Shield oil to it and within 20 minutes it was completely gone! I use it routinely now. This stuff works!”    - Bernard J., McLean, VA.

“I would religiously get bombarded with mosquito bites whenever I mowed the grass.so I tried the  Power Shield Soap and Oil and I was able to mow in shorts and flip flops without a single bite! I even put it on my 2 yr. old son and it protected him too! I love it for my face and skin too and would recommend it to others.”   - Faith H., Damascus, MD. 

“I went swimming and got bitten twice by mosquitoes. I had huge red welts and some major itching. I had just gotten some of the Power Shield soap and oil. I washed the bites with the soap and then applied the oil. It immediately took the redness and itch away. I was amazed at how fast it worked. I’m a huge fan of this product.”     - Caroline B., Frederick, MD.

Ingredients: Food grade vegetable olive, rice bran, sesame oil; non-toxic blend of essential oils lavender, cedar, lemon, pine, anise, cedarwood, rosemary, lemongrass, geranium, bergamot, clove, eucalyptus.

Color free. Palm Oil free. Vegan. Cruelty free. 

Sensitive skin types should test small area before using. Store away from direct sunlight.