How To Choose

How To Choose Your Savage Soaps Products

You will notice a difference in your skin after using any of our Savage Soaps, and body care products, however some of them offer additional benefits that will help with particular skin issues. The soaps and products listed below were named the best by our clients for their effectiveness. 

Acne:  Power Shield, On The Hook, Beersud

Anti-Aging (Elasticity/Wrinkles/Minimizing Pores/Hydration): Morningstar Elemi Rose Facial Oil, Lizard Queen Soap, Power Shield Soap, Cantaloupe Rose Soap, Sea Kelp Soap

Bumps (after shaving): Savage Soaps Body Butter Cream

Cancer: Vajingo, Lavendous

Cold Sores: Power Shield Soap, Tea Tree Essential Oil

Contact Dermatitis: Power Shield Soap

Corns & Calluses: Savage Salt Scrubs

Cracked Peeling Skin: Lizard Queen Soap, and/or Savage Body Butter Cream

Diaper Rash: Savage Body Butter Cream

Dry Skin:  Lizard Queen Soap, Lavendous Soap, Savage Body Butter Cream, and any of the Savage Salt Scrubs

Eczema: Lizard Queen Soap, Lavendous Soap, and Savage Lavender Salt Scrub 

Feminine Hygiene (Candida Yeast, UTIs, Odor, Dryness):  Vajingo Soap

Fungal Issues (Athletes Feet, Toe Fungus): Power Shield Soap, F Stop Spray

Gym Soap (Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Fungicidal): Power Shield Soap, F Stop Foot Spray

Herpes: Power Shield Soap

Hives: Power Shield Soap, Lavendous Soap, O Honey Fairest Soap

Impetigo: Power Shield Soap, O Honey Fairest Soap

Insect Bites: Power Shield Soap, Savage Soaps Lavender Body Butter Cream

Itchy Skin: Lizard Queen Soap, F Stop Spray, Savage Body Butter Cream

Lupus: Power Shield Soap

Minor Burns: Savage Soaps Lavender Body Butter Cream

Odor: Power Shield Soap, Vajingo Soap, On The Hook Soap, Blonde Bombshell Soap, Rose & Mary Meet Mr. Mint Soap

Poison Ivy:  Power Shield Soap, O Honey Fairest Soap 

Psoriasis: Lizard Queen Soap, Lavendous Soap, Savage Lavender Salt Scrub

Radiated Skin from Cancer Treatments: Vajingo, Lavendous

Red Rashes and/or Bumps:  Power Shield Soap, Savage Lavender Salt Scrub

Rosacea: Power Shield Soap, Lizard Queen Soap, Lavendous Soap, 

Shingles: Power Shield Soap

Skin Cancers: Lavendous Soap, Power Shield Soap, Savage Tea Tree Lavender Salt Scrub

Sun Burn: Lizard Queen Soap, Savage Body Butter Cream