Our Story


I played in my Mother’s gardens, as a young girl, experimenting with leaves and petals making up my fragrant concoctions. I loved all the different blooms and varieties she had. My mom knew the technical names of the plants too and I thought it was fascinating how she could remember them all. During our family travels, I got intrigued with soap and started collecting it. My drawers were full of it and I loved how each had such lovely packaging. Herbs and healing became a growing interest to me, during my young adulthood, which led me into the study of aromatherapy - where I gained further knowledge in the application of essential oils and their effectiveness against literally any type of affliction, including aging.

While browsing in a liquor store one day, I noticed the artistic labels on microbrewery beers. They were so cool! At that moment I was inspired with the idea to create a superb handcrafted soap with trendy packaging!

I spent a year perfecting an exclusive soap recipe without PALM OIL. The Savage Soaps® brand had to be gourmet and different; long-lasting; great lather; born from natural (savage) ingredients, beneficial, and be appealing to men and women. After using my own soap, within a few months I started to notice my skin was looking better. My face was smoother. People thought I was a lot younger than my actual age. Blemishes disappeared, and I no longer needed to wear foundation. Savage Soaps® turned back the clock! The natural oils present in the soap rejuvenated the skin on my entire body and I knew I had to share this with the world. 

Our clients started telling us their stories of how our soaps improved their skin. Some clients with severe skin issues, such as eczema and psorasis, reported that upon using Savage Soaps their issues had completely disappeared.

People love buying our soaps because they love the difference and they relate to the creative packaging. We frequently hear, “I love the labels and the names.”... “This soap is awesome and it’s the only soap I want to use!” Today we handcraft over 50 fiercely original soaps, such as Lizard Queen™, Goodfellas™, Beersud™, and Angel Cake™. And we’ve forged partnerships with local businesses such as Dragon Distillery, Flying Dog® and Monocacy Breweries. These partnerships allow us to create specialty soaps with their respective spirits.

Savage Soaps are olive oil based, wildly natural with an edgy ancient appeal. We produce our soaps in small batches in the highest gourmet standards, using essential oils and the purest ingredients, sourced from all over the world, locally, and from my Mom’s gardens. Our soaps are sustainable and will not harm our beautiful planet. They are free of any animal by products, so they’re vegan and also color free. Our packaging is even compostable! I taught my son, Grant, how to make soap and now we handcraft Savage Soaps together. We treat our soaps like they're our babies. While the bars are drying on the rack, we infuse them with loving energy so they can go into the world and help others.  

Our passion is devoted to helping people and our mission is to broaden the awareness worldwide about better skin care and protection. By educating consumers, and providing superior quality handcrafted soaps for multiple skin issues, such as anti-aging, acne, prevention against environmental elements and insects, to natural feminine hygiene. Our vision is to make an impact by creating solutions within nature. You will be pleased with every healthy benefit. of Savage Soaps. Try our other body products as well.

We have won global awards for package design and Savage Soaps have even been requested by Universal Studios by actors for movie sets. Our company is a certified, woman-owned business and twice awarded as one of Maryland’s Top 100 MBE businesses.

Ask for Savage Soaps at your favorite local market! Thank you for shopping with us. We appreciate you and your  business… “Get wet with Savage!”                                                     

- Misti Morningstar, owner/founder