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Misti Morningstar, Founder

It all started with a little girl secretly picking flower petals and plants from her mother's garden, and mixing them together in an attempt to make perfume. Founder, Misti Morningstar, always had an insatiable love for soaps, aromatherapy and healing. 

After being frustrated with all of the chemically-packed soaps on the market, Misti spent several years perfecting her own recipe by handcrafting small batch soaps infused with natural, organic and vegan ingredients. These superior soaps are as close to nature as any soap gets. They're free of chemicals that damage the environment, and your skin. She started using her Savage brand every day, and after a few months, noticed her skin was radiant, her face was more hydrated and smooth, she stopped wearing foundation, and people assumed her to be much younger than she actually was. It was this result, that created a desire to achieve a natural healthy soap, based on raw savage ingredients that led to what is now, ‘Savage Soaps’. 


Customers started to rave about their own experiences of how their skin improved by using Savage Soaps. Customers with eczema and psoriasis claimed that, Savage Soaps either improved the condition, or the issue completely disappeared all together. 


Woman-owned and empowering other women has also been another one of our passions. We have helped many women from the USA, Estonia, Costa Rica, and Canada by giving them opportunities to learn our craft and to grow in the workplace. Their experience and skills taken from here, will help them prosper in their future, no matter what direction their path takes them.


Dishpan hands got its name for a reason. Your skin doesn’t deserve (or need) to be treated like a sink full of greasy dishes. So why clean with detergent-laden soaps? (That's a rhetorical question). We could spend all day listing the nasty chemicals packed in most bars of soap, but you already know, that’s why you are here. Most big companies try to cut costs by using synthetic ingredients, meanwhile lying to their consumers, promising ‘hydrated and radiant skin’. Pardon our language, but what a load of bull-crap! 



That is why Savage Soaps takes soap-making back to its roots with all natural ingredients. Each bar is handcrafted with olive oil, coconut oil, and a unique blend of essential oils that leave your skin feeling clean, healthy, and moisturized.

And we didn't stop there... (There's more!). On top of being an all natural soap, each bar is designed and packaged with its own personality. We spend so much time personalizing every aspect of our lives: picking out clothing and phone cases that express our individuality. Self-care and cleaning is even more personal, so why settle for products that don’t represent or care for us? At Savage Soaps, you are sure to find a bar that speaks perfectly to you.

BIGGER IS BETTERsavagesoaps-8165.jpg

Some might say size doesn't matter. But we beg to differ. You’ll find no little seashell soaps here! Most 'other' handcrafted soaps are 4.5 oz. But Savage Soaps are a generous 6.5 oz. Why? Because we want our customers to have the biggest and best soap money can buy. Which means your bar will last longer with more suds for your buck. Stop buying those puny bars that melt before you know it. Go bigger and 'Get wet with Savage!' 


Our selection of soap is Dermatologist recommended and targets all types of skin. Even skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis. Check out HOW TO CHOOSE to figure out which of our products will work best with your skin. 

“I have been prescribing Savage Soaps skincare products for my patients for the last 6 years.

As a former Medical Officer in the division of the Food and Drug Administration that regulates cosmetic products, I take the study of skincare products with the utmost of seriousness and provide all of my patients with a customized skincare regimen.

What I love about Savage Soaps skincare products is that whether I am prescribing ‘O Honey Fairest’ (Oatmeal Honey Soap) for the most sensitive of skin conditions, or ‘Power Shield’ as my secret weapon in acne protocols, I know that my patients will experience great improvement with no irritation.

Savage Soaps products offer simplicity in cosmetically elegant formulations that are made in small batches with the purest of ingredients.”

Lisa R. Ginn, MD FAAD
Chevy Chase, MD
Board Certified Dermatologist
Fellowship Trained Laser Surgeon
Licensed Esthetician



All of our soaps are handmade in small batches to ensure the superior quality that goes into every bar. Our gourmet soaps are hand mixed, hand poured, cut and stamped by our artisan soap makers. 




It’s rare for any showering beau or bathing beauty to not be happy with Savage Soaps. But if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Savage Soaps purchase within 30 days of ordering, please contact us for a refund.  




Savage Soaps is a certified woman-owned business and 
twice awarded as one of Maryland’s Top 100 MBE businesses.