Lizard Queen Soap

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For anyone who has a dry hide. We superfat this bar with shea butter for an extra rich creamy lather. Enjoy the uplifting essence of lavender and this bar will leave you totally refreshed and ready to face all the elements of nature... Get wet with Savage®.

[ lavender with notes of cherry almond, superfatted with shea butter ] best soap in the world for dry itchy skin and skin with allergies.  BEST SELLER

Savage Soaps® are made in the highest gourmet soapmaking standard. Slight imperfections are characteristic of the craft. Ingredients: All vegetable olive, rice bran, shea butter and coconut oils; lavender essential oil & fragrance. Color free. Gluten free. Palm oil free. Vegan.

Cruelty free. No animal products or testing. No petroleum products. Not recommended for infants. Store in a cool dry area for longevity. Net Wt. 6.5 oz.

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