Rose & Mary Meet Mr. Mint - Natural Handmade Soap

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Rose and Mary were best friends. They lived in a beautiful floral garden and never did anything without the other. But Rose and Mary both often thought something might be missing in their lives. One day Mr. Mint moved in next door. He was such a snappy fellow — Rose and Mary quickly became great chums with him and they all lived happily ever after in their garden creating quite a pleasant aroma together!... Get wet with Savage.

[ rosemary peppermint with rosemary botantial ]  refreshing. uplifting. invigorating. great for respiratory issues. mild exfoliant. 

Savage Soaps® are made in the highest gourmet soapmaking standard. Slight imperfections are characteristic of the craft. Ingredients: All vegetable saponified olive, rice bran and coconut oils; rosemary & peppermint essential oil. rosemary botanical.

Naturally Superior. Color free. Gluten free. Palm oil free. Cruelty free. Vegan.

Net Wt. 6.5 oz.

Not recommended for infants. Store in a cool dry area for longevity.