Savage 21 or Custom Handcrafted Body Spray Parfum

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Savage 21 Body Spray

An exclusive Parisian blend of 21 oils aimed to embody the full aroma of our Savage Soaps Boutique. Everyone loves the smell of our shop, which is a combination of all of our fresh handcrafted soaps. Savage 21 is light and feminine and will be unique on everyone. Perfect to wear day or night. Give your closet or linens a spray to give your clothes a Frenchy vibe!


Or, order a custom body spray by selecting from the options.

4 oz. bottle with mist sprayer

ingredients: filtered agua, 21 essential oils, alcohol. 




It’s rare for any showering beau or bathing beauty to not be happy with Savage Soaps. But if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Savage Soaps purchase within 30 days of ordering, please contact us for a refund. 



“I have been prescribing Savage Soaps skincare products for my patients for the last 6 years.

As a former Medical Officer, in the division of the Food and Drug Administration that regulates cosmetic products, I take the study of skincare products with the utmost of seriousness and provide all of my patients with a customized skincare regimen.

What I love about Savage Soaps skincare products is that whether I am prescribing ‘O Honey Fairest’ (Oatmeal Honey Soap) for the most sensitive of skin conditions, or ‘Power Shield’ as my secret weapon in acne protocols, I know that my patients will experience great improvement with no irritation.

Savage Soaps products offer simplicity in cosmetically elegant formulations that are made in small batches with the purest of ingredients.”

        - Lisa R. Ginn, MD FAAD, Board Certified Dermatologist & Licensed Esthetician