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24K Gold Carrot Seed Oil Premium Anti-Aging Firming & Tightening Facial Serum Oil

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24K Gold - Carrot Seed Elemi Firming & Tightening Facial Serum - 4 oz.

This ultimate moisturizing serum is the most coveted anti-aging firming and tightening facial oil on the market. Formulated with 24K Gold, Carrot Seed, and Elemi essential oil to fight fine lines and wrinkles and leave your skin moisturized and glowing. Serum consists of a subtle fresh pure grapefruit scent.

The unique nourishing and moisturizing ingredients can effectively restore dry, rough and dull aging skin’s elasticity, for a firmer youthful look. The organic ingredients soothe dryness, and irritations of the skin, while helping to balance oily skin tones. Reduce redness, calm inflammation, and provide proper hydration.

Carrot Seed Oil Skin Benefits
Carrot seed oil is made from the pressed seeds of carrots.

• Naturally high in vitamin A and offers many repairing, protective and moisturizing properties.
• Excellent for firming saggy skin and brightening dull complexions.
• Carrot seed oil softens and smooths fine lines and wrinkles.

24K Gold Skin Benefits
Gold is probably the most popular and most sought-after metal in the world. It is valued because of its appearance and rarity. Throughout history, it has been used to symbolize wealth, power and high status. Very few people know though, that it has also been used to treat a wide range of skin problems, especially in ancient times and places such as Rome, Japan and Egypt. Legend has it that Cleopatra – known for her legendary beauty - wore a gold mask every night in order to preserve her youthful looking skin. Indeed, gold is good for the skin. You are probably wondering how 24K gold can keep the youthful appearance of the skin. For one, the precious metal is known to have a positive effect in blood circulation. Good blood circulation ensures that important nutrients reach the skin. Gold also prevents the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and fine lines and helps repair damages caused by the sun. It also helps fight off free radicals that can cause premature aging. 

Gold also has the ability to slow down the depletion of collagen, a protein that is responsible for holding the elasticity in different parts of the human body. You should know that the skin is made up of 80% collagen but as we age we lose collagen. Gold can slow down this process and thus help keep the skin looking youthful for a long time. 24K gold is not only for people who want to delay the signs of aging. It is also for those who are suffering from other skin ailments. If you have acne, for example, you can use gold to speed up the healing process and to minimize scarring. If your skin tone is uneven you can also use gold to even up your skin color. If your skin is dark and you want to lighten it up a little then you will be delighted to know that gold actually has the ability to lighten the complexion. Gold is also good for skin allergies because of its anti-inflammatory property. 24K gold flakes break down during usage causing a beautiful natural sheen on the skin. Gold may be the missing ingredient you are looking for to have healthy and youthful looking skin.

Benefits of Elemi Oil
Elemi essential oil has been used for centuries by Ancient Egyptians in order to preserve the skin and often utilized during spiritual rituals.

Elemi essential oil has a wide range of health benefits and the skin takes on a much healthier appearance when it is used. It provides the sort of moisture that artificial ingredients simply cannot match. Those who incorporate Elemi essential oil into their daily skincare routine are going to experience excellent results.

When fine lines and wrinkles start to crop up, Elemi oil can be used to address these concerns. The properties that are contained within this oil will help the skin to look its firmest and reduce the number of fine lines that appear. Elemi oil is also a must for those who are looking for the best way to keep their skin toned.

Elemi oil is perfect for ensuring normalization of skin oils. Many of us suffer from overly oily skin or skin that is extra dry. Elemi oil is incredibly useful in this regard. Whether we are suffer from oily skin, dry skin or clogged pores, Elemi essential oils are pivotal when it comes to maintaining the proper level of skin hydration.

This also makes Elemi oil highly beneficial to those who find themselves suffering from sun damaged skin and scarring. When the elements start to cause increased wear and tear to the skin, Elemi essential oil reduces its visibility and keeps us looking our best. Instead of relying on over the counter medicines that filled with harmful chemicals, Elemi essential oil works as a natural remedy.

The scientific benefits are hard to ignore as well. Studies show that Elemi essential oil functions as a powerful therapeutic agent, thwarting the growth of opportunistic fungi that can cause infections to the skin. Candida is one of the main fungi that is eliminated when these essential oils are used, making it a key aspect of any skincare routine.

REDUCES DARK SPOTS, WRINKLES: 24K gold essence, has the effect of removing skin dirt, removing infectious acne, reducing pores; smoothing wrinkles, leaving skin soft and shiny.

SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: 24K gold essence of natural ingredients can effectively reduce the stimulation of sensitive skin, suitable for the anti-aging needs of women of all ages. A refreshing effect that quickly blends the essence into the skin.

Directions: Shake well. This product is meant to be applied on a clean, bare face. Use on face, neck or body. Apply desired amount on clean skin or hands, rub into skin using upward motion. Do not wipe off or lightly pat dry with a towel. Apply AM and PM to keep skin hydrated and glowing.

• Rejuvenates and brightens skin
• Makes skin appear firmer and youthful
• Improves complexion and dry skin
• Improves acne
• Enhances tired looking skin
• Diminishes appearance of scars and pigmentation
• Treats dry skin
• Refines and reduces fine lines
• Handmade Fresh Daily in USA

ingredients: all vegetable olive, rice bran, and carrot seed oils; elemi and grapefruit essential oils; 100% 24K flake gold.

 4 oz. glass bottle with dropper




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“I have been prescribing Savage Soaps skincare products for my patients for the last 6 years.

As a former Medical Officer, in the division of the Food and Drug Administration that regulates cosmetic products, I take the study of skincare products with the utmost of seriousness and provide all of my patients with a customized skincare regimen.

What I love about Savage Soaps skincare products is that whether I am prescribing ‘O Honey Fairest’ (Oatmeal Honey Soap) for the most sensitive of skin conditions, or ‘Power Shield’ as my secret weapon in acne protocols, I know that my patients will experience great improvement with no irritation.

Savage Soaps products offer simplicity in cosmetically elegant formulations that are made in small batches with the purest of ingredients.”

        - Lisa R. Ginn, MD FAAD, Board Certified Dermatologist & Licensed Esthetician